MaineSail Maine Coon Kittens

Available Kittens

Yes! We have a litter of 6(!), born January 21st, 2019. They are shown at 5 weeks old.
The proud parents are TGC Mainelyclassic Sundanz of MaineSail and Mainelyclassic Mayra of MaineSail.

Harley (Male Silver Tabby at 5 weeks--Reserved)

Twyla (Female Tortieshell at 5 weeks--Reserved)

Reddy (Male Red Silver Tabby at 5 weeks--Available)

Lynda (Female Red Smoke at 5 weeks--Available)

Langston (Male Black Smoke at 5 weeks--Reserved)

Midnight (Male Black Smoke at 5 weeks--Reserved) Return to Home

MaineSail Cattery
Last Updated 02/28/2019